Wednesday 7 June 2017

Will DAB Kill Radio? Continued Listening Decline in Norway

National radio has lost many listeners in the last two years. 2 of 3 cars not DAB-able.
Radio listening is now dramatically falling in Norway, as the national radio closes its FM

transmitters. In week 21, total listening was only 62.9% according to Kantar TNS measurements. This is the worst week of the year with the exception of Easter week. Week 21 2015, the total radio listening rate was 70.9% in week 21 and the same week 2016 69.0%. Public radio is the big loser, while local radio is not included in this poll.

Radio listening has also fallen quite clearly during this year. In January, listeners were 67.4- 68.8% weekly. The last four weeks have been between 62.9 and 66.0%. NRK, which is also the first in the lead with FM closing seems to be the biggest loser. At week 21, 2017, NRK Total (ie all NRK channels) had a share of 43.7%, compared to 48.9 in the same week last year and 49.3% in 2015.

In Norway 62% listen to digital radio while 52% listen analogue on FM.  The digital listening is shared on three different platforms; DAB+ (72%), on-line (22%) and via television network (12%). DAB in-car listening is very low as only 1 million (38%) of all cars have a DAB receiver. Two million cars still lack DAB. A reason for this is said to be the high costs of installing DAB in cars in use; approximately 10.000 NOK (1.000 euro).

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