Sunday 29 July 2018

The DAB Radio Project in Norway Is Derailing

Increasing political and business demands for a return to FM
For the first time daily listening to national radio is down under 50% in Norway. Last week down to 48,5% from 51,2% the week before according to Kantar TNS.  Although the Norwegians now have an increased number of on-air channels to choose from there is a widespread discontent with DAB replacing FM.  For several reasons DAB is far from becoming popular as projected by the public broadcaster NRK and other promoters.

Monday 23 July 2018

Norwegian MP: DAB Radio in Norway Is a Tragedy

The DAB fiasco will become a major political issue
Experience so far leaves no doubt that the closure of the FM network and the introduction of DAB is a tragedy for the Norwegian people. The Storting parliamentarian and media spokesperson for the Center Party, Åslaug Sem-Jacobsen, writes this in response to Frp (Progress Party) Thorleif Fluer Vikre, in a debate article published in several regional newspapers in Norway. Before joining Stortinget Sem-Jacobsen was employed by the public broadcaster NRK.

Government Will Not Reveal DAB Listening Figures in Norway

Minister of Culture meets sharp criticism in the Parliament
Culture Minister Trine Skei Grande (Venstre) will not take an initiative to find out how many people listen to DAB. It became apparent when she responded to a written question from Åslaug Sen-Jacobsen (Sp the Center party) in the Parliament. Åslaug Sem-Jacobsen is very disappointed with the minister. The question is, among other things, national preparedness and road safety.

Sunday 8 July 2018

Who Is Trying to Push South Africa Into the DAB Quagmire?

Lobby group submit slanted document to media authority.
The digital radio inquiry conducted by the media authority ICASA  (Reported here July 6) received 22 submissions including some by international stakeholders as the WorldDAB. This organisation is stepping up its efforts enticing South Africa to go DAB. - An experts group at the Swedish NGO the Public Service Council (PSR) in cooperation with the Norwegian Radio Listeners Federation (NRLF) has scrutinized the WorldDAB submission document and subsequently filed critical comments to ICASA. The technical parts have been screened by veteran broadcast engineers in Norway and Sweden.

Friday 6 July 2018

South Africa at Digital Crossroad: FM Radio Will Be Retained.

Inquiry reveals digital radio doubtfulness.
Media authority ICASA has conducted an inquiry in order to examine the prospects of implementation of digital sound broadcasting services. Most entries are submitted by broadcasters in South Africa but also from international stakeholders as WorldDAB and DRM Consortium. The most of the 22 submissions clearly indicate that analogue FM radio should be retained and terrestrial digital radio should only be introduced as a complement. Input indicates that both the DAB and the DRM system might be introduced in South Africa.