Wednesday 26 October 2016

DAB Transition Losers in Norway: Public Radio and Commercial Networks

199 local and community radio stations remaining on FM the winners 2017.
There are currently about 3 million DAB receivers in Norwegian households. Meanwhile, still there are about 10 million FM receivers most of which probably not will be scrapped. This points to changing listening situations. How much and how long? An analysis recently presented to the Norwegian media bureaus reveals brutal facts showing that NRK - the public service radio - in 2017 while keeping its dominant position on the radio market will lose 500,000 daily listeners in the transition to DAB. Also P4 Radio Norge become losers.

Community Radio Fast Growth in the United States

Number of low-power FM radio stations doubled since 2014
More than 750 new low-power FM (LPFM) community radio stations have been licensed to join the FM airwaves since 2014, according to the FCC. This has nearly doubled the total number to more than 1,500 LPFM stations across the U.S. and its territories. Thousands of applications poured in to the FCC 2013 following the passage of new legislation signed in 2011 that opened up opportunities for LPFM stations to operate in larger markets and urban areas. 

Sunday 16 October 2016

Digital Transition in Norway: Commercial Radio Will Be a Loser

Public Service Continues to Dominate Norwegian Radio Landscape - Analog and Digital
No sign of commercial radio will increased its listening share with the transition from FM to DAB+. NRK has now about 70% of all listening in Norway. The two national commercial networks P4 Hele Norge (MTG) and Radio Norge (Bauer Media) should be concerned about the recent listening figures. 

Thursday 13 October 2016

Proposal in Parliament Might Stop FM Switch-off in Norway

Widespread political concern over DAB radio shortcomings
The Parliament - Stortinget-  will this fall decide if the FM switch-off for Norwegian national radio should be postponed. Center Party (Sp) member from Nordland, Janne Sjelmo Nordås confirms that the Sp will submit a proposal which will convince Stortinget to conclude that the digitization of radio should be discontinued. Too many complain poor DAB coverage, and therefore we should postpone the FM switch-off, says Sjelmo Nordås.I  receive messages from many indicating that they are not receiving the DAB signal or the quality is really bad, she says to the public radio broadcaster NRK.

Sunday 2 October 2016

Largest Digital Radio Brand Sold After Losses

Sale of Pure signals setback for DAB development 
The British company Imagination Technologies has sold digital radio manufacturer Pure to an unknown Austrian investment company, AVenture AT GmbH, for £2.6m in cash. The deal also gives the buyer an option to buy one of Imagination Technologies’ properties in Hertfordshire for £4.5m. The cash will be used to reduce debts, Imagination Technologies says.