Tuesday 14 January 2020

India and Pakistan Are Leading Their Way to Terrestrial Digital Radio

We might now discern the end of DAB outside Europe
Broadcasters are trying to establish a digital terrestrial radio platform as a future alternative to radio via Internet. Main contenders are the HD Radio, DAB and DRM systems.  While DAB is leading in Europe and HD Radio in North America the DRM system is clearly the choice for large area countries in Asia (including Russia), Africa and South America. India and Pakistan are all set for DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) with heavy investments. India is now also manufacturing stand-alone and car receivers for DRM.

Friday 10 January 2020

Medium Wave Radio Come-Back in Denmark

New opportunities with more effective coverage for terrestrial radio in Northern Europe. The AM band being further developed globally.
Radio 208 in Copenhagen is a new radio station focusing on oldies from the period 1964-1984 with the emphasis on the 70s and rock. "The Rock of Copenhagen - Progressive Rock 1964-1984". Radio 208 broadcasts around the clock at a wavelength of 208 meters (1440 kHz), a frequency that many people in Denmark - at least music fans over 50 years - know; the legendary European radio channel Radio Luxembourg until 1991, says the founder Stig Hartvig Nielsen.