Wednesday 7 June 2017

Continued Local Radio on FM Welcome by Advertisers in Norway

The transition to DAB opens for a local radio boost
Local radio stations in the counties Møre og Romsdal are pleased that NRK has recently switched off their FM transmitters. They also report that advertisers are now delighted that local stations are gradually becoming the only ones that broadcast on FM in respectively area.

KSU 247 is one of many local commercial radio stations that continue to broadcast on FM for at least 5 years more. We have received attention from the media and from listeners and readers. Even many of our customers have given feedback as they follow the transition with excitement. Most believe it will be positive for KSU 247, says CEO Tore Lyngvær.

The so-called FM switch-off only applies to NRK and the two commercial nationwide companies P4 and Radio Norway (owned by foreign corporations; Bauer and MTG). In addition, the state does not allow any of the major commercial local stations in major cities to continue on FM. The reason is to protect the two nationwide companies from commercial competition from the FM stations. Non-commercial local radio - local radio - will continue on FM throughout the country - even in big cities.

KSU247 in Kristiansund are optimists when they can continue on FM, where they will be out of competition: The number of FM radio receivers and cars without DAB means we expect an increase in listening figures, says Lyngvær. Figures from before Christmas show that 7 out of 10 cars still do not have DAB. We have not done anything special in connection with the transition. We have added national news, but otherwise business as usual, says Lyngvær.

Earlier this week, local radio also spoke with 1Fm Molde, who also believes in more listeners. Radio 3 Bodø, who already has a month's experience of being alone on the FM network, estimates a 40% listening increase.

The development now indicates that Norwegian-owned and locally controlled local FM radio will seriously challenge the national DAB broadcasters i.e. NRK as well as the two commercial networks.

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