Thursday 29 June 2017

368 New FM Broadcast Licenses Issued in Denmark

Radio Vesterbro. Copenhagen
FM retained in a new local radio landscape for another 10 years.
The radio and television committee has now allocated 368 new broadcasting licenses on the FM band for commercial and non-commercial local radio (community radio). The licenses will be running from 1 January 2018 until 31 December 2027. This indicates that an FM switch-off will probably not be on the agenda in Denmark for a long time, if ever.

Wednesday 28 June 2017

Serious Setback for DAB Radio

Multiplex to close as FM prospers in Ireland
A multi-city DAB digital radio multiplex is closing after lack of interest from the independent radio sector. The multiplex by dB currently carries services by public broadcaster RTÉ and a number of niche stations – namely Maria, Sunshine, Ri-Ra and RTÉ lyric. Previously, the mux has offered All 80s, All 90s, Zenith, Pure Classic, Love Radio, Amazing Radio and UCB.

Tuesday 27 June 2017

Indonesia Testing Digital Radio in Crowded FM Band

Successful Singapore Straits Demonstration of DRM+
In cooperation with Digital Radio Mondiale the public broadcaster RRI has tested DRM+ in

Indonesian island of Batam close to Singapore. The DRM signal was inserted into the existing and very crowded FM local spectrum in the Strait area. The existing FM was at
105.1 MHz and DRM was placed at 105.25Mhz. The current analogue transmitter had a power of 5kW in analogue. 2.5kW was used for simulcast mode (FM and DRM) and only 0.2KW DRM power was utilised. Excellent coverage area was achieved with only 10% of analogue power.

Brazil Testing Long Distance Digital Radio

Reaching out with public service broadcasting to Amazonas
The last two months experimental DRM transmissions were resumed by Brazilian public broadcaster EBC from the Rodeador Park, where the Rádio Nacional transmission facility is located. Despite the low power (130 W) used the DRM30 HF signal being audible in quality in the Sao Paolo State at about 800 km away from the transmission site in Brasilia. The audio of the Amazon National Radio was received there in excellent digital quality.

U.S. Digital Shortwave Plans for Europe

Turms Tech LLC has applied to the media authority FCC to broadcast DRM from New Jersey toward Europe and the Middle East. Specifically, they plan on using the Armstrong tower, just west and north of New York City, with yagi-type antennas, generating an ERP of 10 kW on 9.65 and 15.45 MHz.

Friday 9 June 2017

First Country to Rule Unlocking FM Radio on Smartphones.

Advertisers welcome Mexico’s decision. Will combine linear audio with the interaction of digital platforms.
Federal Telecommunications Institute now requires all smartphone manufacturers to enable the technology that allows the device to pick up FM radio signals. Move came after months of pressure from National Chamber of Radio and Television Industry (CIRT).  Mexico is the first country in the world to enact such legislation.

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Will DAB Kill Radio? Continued Listening Decline in Norway

National radio has lost many listeners in the last two years. 2 of 3 cars not DAB-able.
Radio listening is now dramatically falling in Norway, as the national radio closes its FM

transmitters. In week 21, total listening was only 62.9% according to Kantar TNS measurements. This is the worst week of the year with the exception of Easter week. Week 21 2015, the total radio listening rate was 70.9% in week 21 and the same week 2016 69.0%. Public radio is the big loser, while local radio is not included in this poll.

Continued Local Radio on FM Welcome by Advertisers in Norway

The transition to DAB opens for a local radio boost
Local radio stations in the counties Møre og Romsdal are pleased that NRK has recently switched off their FM transmitters. They also report that advertisers are now delighted that local stations are gradually becoming the only ones that broadcast on FM in respectively area.