Monday 28 March 2016

Smartphone With DAB+ Not For Telecoms

Mobile operators probably not subsidising smartphones with DAB+.
The company Telefónica Germany (O2 / e plus) will not offer smartphones that include digital terrestrial radio via DAB+. As Helge Lüders, Manager Radio Network Strategy confirmed by Telefónica Germany, at a symposium of the Media Authorities in Berlin. DAB+ lacks a business model which paying the costs. O2 will continue to rely on the willingness of its customers paying for Internet radio listening on smartphones and tablets for data volume as soon as they are off Wi-Fi networks. (Satnews)

Saturday 26 March 2016

Another Swiss Radio Station Leaving DAB

Zurich station my105 withdraws from DAB + 
The Swiss radio station my105 in Zurich decided for strategic reasons to completely rely on online and thus to dispense with the terrestrial broadcasting via DAB + in the German-speaking Switzerland. Many discussions, experience and surveys of recent months have shown that "DAB-proliferation is overrated". In the case of my105 still would mean that DAB+ is not useful for the radio station with its 10 channel multi-channel strategy. At least three commercial radio stations have now abandoned DAB+ since 2014.

Monday 21 March 2016

New Smartphone A Lifebuoy for DAB

A paradox: Can a smartphone online get five-to-twelve-rescue for DAB?
The first smartphone that can also receive DAB radio in addition to FM and online was presented at the Radio Days conference in Paris launched its first. LG Stylus 2 is really a "phaplet"- which in size is something between a mobile and a plate. On this one you should be able to listen seamlessly to hybrid radio - a radio channel that automatically switches between DAB + or FM and Internet depending on varying reception conditions. But experts are wondering whether there is a sufficient market for this because DAB is only in operation in few countries on a global scale.

Friday 18 March 2016

Public Service in Austria Rejects DAB Radio

A move may jeopardize the medium of radio says the the director general
Public service company ORF has no interest in DAB + according to the media authority KommAustria. If we cannot increase program output DAB is useless to us, says ORF Director-General Alexander Wrabetz. ORF With current legal regulations ORF will not be able to establish more channels, DAB+ has not been successful in any European country, and the technology behind DAB+ is 30 years old. There are 15.5 million FM receivers in Austria, making a transition difficult and a forced solution can compromise the radio medium. This was the basic criticism Wrabetz has submitted to KommAustria. Further for ORF, a transition cost for parallel operation DAB+ and FM another EUR 50 million per year, says the public service boss.

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Historic U.S. Radio Division Up For Sale

A recognition that terrestrial radio is no longer a growth industry
CBS plans to sell one of its legacy brand CBS Radio. We will begin to explore strategic options, CBS Chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves announced today during the company's investor day. The move represents a recognition that terrestrial radio is no longer a growth industry, particularly as major advertisers shift their spending to digital platforms according to Los Angeles Times. 

Wednesday 9 March 2016

European Competition Authority Opens Two DAB Radio Cases in Norway

Government decision on transition from FM to DAB reviewed by ESA in Brussels
Within a week the Norwegian government is questioned in two ESA cases regarding the
digital radio transition. Norway is not member of the European Union, but an EEA member (European Agreement) and needs to follow the articles and laws that EU/EEA requires. It started with the Norwegian Local Radio Association (NLF) letter to the Ministry of Culture asking for an answer on a basic question: Is the Norwegian FM switch-off decision legal with respect to our EEA agreement? 
Also the Ministry of Industry & Fishing now has received the case regarding a complaint on unlawful state support to the private DAB promoting company Digitalradio Norge AS.

Monday 7 March 2016

The Truth Behind the DAB Radio Failure in Sweden

Heavy lobbying disinformation tackled in memorandum
There has been a lot of disinformation about why Sweden finally has rejected the 2014 DAB+ proposal. Major sources for slanted or incorrect information are the interest organization European Broadcasting Union, its member Sveriges Radio and and the lobbying group WorldDAB. 
In order to check the disinformation the Swedish Public Service Council (PSR) today has presented a memorandum listing all the arguments behind the government's decision as well as around 30 other facts and arguments in the consultation round and in the public debate in Sweden.