Sunday 9 June 2024

DRM Becoming the Major Digital Radio Platform in Asia


China reaffirms need for digital audio in all domestic cars

After securing the huge Indian broadcasting market the digital terrestrial radio system DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) now is strongly positioning itself  in the Chinese domestic market. This will leave DAB  -the other European system - further far behind on the global market.  

According to the Chinese National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA), the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), and the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) jointly met specifically on the provision of audio and video in cars. NRTA and MIIT promoted the inclusion of digital receivers with DRM (and the domestic system CDR) in all domestically produced and imported vehicles to be sold on the domestic market. Last year in their joint letter the Chinese authorities also expressed the intention to accelerate the construction of digital radio broadcasting coverage networks with digital AM broadcasting (DRM) transmission systems at local medium wave transmission stations. 

Monday 20 May 2024

DAB radio without any government support in Sweden

Politicians reject demands for DAB expansion for public broadcaster.  FM will remain as the major platform for radio.

The Public Service Committee, with representatives from all eight parties in the parliament, has now submitted its final report to the Minister of Culture. On many issues there was disagreement between the government side and the opposition, however, not regarding the question of a DAB expansion for public broadcaster Sveriges Radio (SR). All parties remained cold-hearted to break a 30-year stalemate regarding the DAB system as an alternative to terrestrial FM radio. Now, this might be the beginning of an end for DAB in Sweden. The public service channels have more than a 65 percent share of the radio audience. 

Saturday 2 March 2024

First Terrestrial 5G Broadcast Opens to General Public in Boston

5G Broadcast experimental  FCC licences in the US

XGen Network ( XGN), a network operator for US 5G Broadcasting TV stations, has announced the launch of the first solution for the general public to receive an over-the-air 5G Broadcast signal on an SDR (software defined radio) with downloadable software. The SDR software will enable, to begin with ham radio operators, the ability to receive WWOO’s Boston over-the-air 5G Broadcast signal.