Friday 28 June 2013

DAB Proposal Facing Negative Press Opinion

A headless radio adventure
The Swedish Government's proposal to allow public service radio to go DAB+ and "switch-off" FM 2022 has met an indifferent or a very negative response in Swedish newspaper editorials and op-eds. It is very difficultnot possible to find any supportive opinion regarding the choice of the DAB-system in media. Here is some opinion.

Have you ever heard of the shift from 3G to 4G and around the corner the 5G technology? The transition from FM to the web will manage for itself when times come. But to scrap FM in order to force everyone to buy a DAB receiver is headless writes chief editor Christian Dahlgren in Corren major daily in Norrköping.

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Digital Radio in the FM Band

DRM+ tests in France and Norway presented
At the DRM Consortium webinar (seminary on the net) DRM: The Flexible Way from FM to Digital the recent tests of DRM+ in France (Brittany and the Riviera) and Norway (Trondheim) on FM frequencies were presented in detail.  

Thursday 20 June 2013

Green light for DAB+ in Sweden. But no state funding. (Updated)

Dim outlook for a "switch-over" 2022
Alternative to DAB to be found for local radio
The Swedish government has proposed to the Parliament that the public radio gets green light to start DAB+ with a "switch-over" date in 2022. However, no extra state funding or extra tv license funding is on the agenda. This means that Sveriges Radio (SR) will have to finance the DAB distribution costs by loans and development of new channels necessary to expand from four FM channels to 12 DAB-channels by its own regular budget. To be able to do this SR will have to streamline administration and cut down staff in other parts.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Commercial Radio Leaving German DAB+

Lounge.FM the Austrian broadcasting network operating also in Germany has been broadcasting in the national German DAB+ multiplex since 2011. Lounge.FM will now give up DAB+ because of the uncertain financial outlook regarding DAB+ in Germany. Lounge.FM will continue to broadcast for Germany on Internet. In Austria Lounge.FM is broadcasting on FM and via cable.