Friday 14 December 2018

Starting 700 MHz Mobile Broadband in Sweden

Better coverage across the country for 4G and 5G.
An effective online broadcast platform. The ultimate DAB killer.

The telecom authority PTS auction of licenses to use radio transmitters in the 700 MHz band has been terminated after a bidding round that determined the location in the band. Three of four mobile operators with a total biddig sum of SEK 2.8 billion (271,5 million euro) won 30 MHz of the band. This is a major step forward in preparing for the upcoming 5G market introduction 2020. - For broadcasters this will also be a boost for radio and television online distribution coverage to reach smartphones and connected cars via 4G and 5G. The 700 MHz band will also be optimal for LTE Broadcast applications.

Tuesday 4 December 2018

Half of Norway Turns Its Back on DAB. Now Politicians Are Reconsidering

Unique project closing of national radio on FM has failed.
Listening figures clearly show less interest for national channels (now exclusively on DAB) than when broadcasting on FM. Local radio continues on FM and many stations now have larger audiences than before the national radio left FM 2017. In the third quarter, many stations increased a lot. Nea Radio is still the country's most popular station with a total of 53% daily coverage in its own area. There are a total of 15 local radio stations that have a daily attendance of at least 16%. - Will still more Norwegians stay on FM and go online rather than turn to DAB? This might be quite a problem of survival for the national broadcasters.