Sunday 18 December 2022

FM Network in Germany Deploys SmartFM AI

New AI technology for transmitter power and carbon savings 

This rollout, representing 800 FM transmitters by the end of 2022, is a major step towards the decarbonization of FM broadcast in Germany,  says the French company WorldCast Systems.

SmartFM design enables broadcasters that use its transmitters to reduce energy consumption by up to 40%. There are approximately 2,000 Ecreso FM transmitters in the country, nearly half operated by Uplink.

Sunday 11 December 2022


Parliament settlement opens for local radio survival opportunities. Another setback for DAB stakeholders.

The government coalition Labour and Center Party together with Socialist Venstre have secured a political majority for local and community radio stations do not need to apply for a new license to broadcast on FM but that these are extended directly without a new application process in 2025. This is good news for those who today broadcast and listen to local radio whose survival depends on not being dependent on a costly transition to the DAB system. This applies to both commercial and non-profit local radio.

In connection with the proposal for the state budget, it was proposed that there would be a new round of applications for community radio in the period 2027 to 2031. From 2017, local radio has had its permits directly extended twice, most recently for the period 2022 to 2026, and local radio has been heard on their argument that a renewed search process would be labor-intensive and provide little predictability. The concessions, valid until 2032, will now be distributed directly to the local radio stations that wish to continue broadcasting on FM.