Saturday 31 July 2021

Flood Disaster Gives Second Thought About Not Retaining FM Radio

Sirens and FM radio is the best solution in the event of a disaster

The flood disaster in Germany has put the finger on emergency alert systems (EAS).  While the digital radio platforms as DAB and online as well as mobile networks went out of service FM radio most of the time stayed on. In German media now there is a debate on the importance of a robust broadcasting system. The new digital might not be better than proven analogue platforms. FM radio programs reach 74.7 percent of the German-speaking population aged 14 and over per working day (Monday-Friday). Online audio has a daily reach of 11.4 percent (8.0 million) ahead of DAB+ with 9.8 percent (6.9 million). And a great major part of all cars, buses and trucks on the road are not equipped with DAB+ (This includes most foreign registered vehicles).

Friday 30 July 2021

Australia Is Testing Digital Medium Wave Broadcasting

Geographical range significant in case of emergency

Public broadcaster ABC National Radio is again testing in DRM mode A on 747 kHz, from the Broadcast Australia Site at Dockers Plains, Victoria.  Although DAB+ is established in the five metro cities the government policy is to retain both AM and FM in order to secure a national and countryside coverage for emergency alert systems (EAS). 

There are several hundred medium wave AM stations in Australia for public, community and commercial broadcasting. 

Thursday 29 July 2021

First 5G Broadcast in Spain

Mobile technology is expanding terrestrial radio/tv 
Televisión de Galicia (CRTVG) has become the first Spanish public channel to carry out a live broadcast using 5G technology with connectivity provided by Telefónica.The live connection was made from Monte del Gozo, in Santiago de Compostela fthe Galician regional channel. Mercedes Fernández, manager of innovation at Telefónica España, said: 5G represents a revolutionary change in live broadcasts of the media, by making them more efficient and flexible. In fact, the media is one of the sectors that will obtain the greatest benefits with the arrival of 5G together with industry and the connected car.