Tuesday 31 December 2013

Broadband Access Now for 3 of 4 European Households

Internet access and use is widespread amongst the EU population. 79% of the households had access to the internet in 2013 and 76% had a broadband internet connection, compared with 55% and 42% respectively in 2007. For most individuals in the EU28, using the internet has become a regular activity, with 62% of individuals using it every day or almost every day and a further 10% at least once a week. On the other hand, 21% of individuals reported in 2013 that they have never used the internet, compared with 37% in 2007. 

Monday 30 December 2013

Digital Radio Chip For Multiple Radio Standards

New chip will include both DAB and DRM
Frontier Silicon in London has announced details of Chorus 4, its next generation digital radio chip. Chorus 4 is a single-chip solution, which integrates four previously separate chips to deliver significant cost and energy consumption savings. The chip is designed to encourage the continued advance of digital radio around the world by supporting all major global digital radio standards. 

Thursday 26 December 2013

DAB contributes to the decline of UK radio industry

After ten years British radio expert rejects DAB - again
In 2004, Grant Goddard wrote his first article predicting that the UK's implementation of DAB digital radio was headed for failure:  It was not guesswork. I had analysed radio industry data since 1980. I had worked at The Radio Authority when it implemented DAB. I had worked in Ofcom's radio division. I had seen DAB from inside and outside the regulator and the commercial radio industry. Only five years after its launch, the available evidence demonstrated that DAB was headed for disaster in the UK.

Thursday 19 December 2013

FM and Internet Might Kill DAB in Germany

Strong position for FM radio, only to be challenged by Internet radio.
DAB radio marginalized in Germany.
A report presented by the media authorities shows that analogue FM transmission still dominates some 90 years after the introduction of radio and 20 years after the start of digital radio. 94 per cent of German households not only have FM reception at their disposal but also own an average 3.5 receivers. The chance of a radio service to reach an audience is many times higher for FM than for any other mode of transmission.

Monday 16 December 2013

British Government: No Date for FM Switch-Off

Digital radio switch-over: Minister reveals measures to aid broadcasters
The radio industry will have to wait for digital switch-over after communications minister Ed Vaizey said today that much had to be done before broadcasters could contemplate following television into an all-digital future.

As expected, Vaizey did not announce a switch-over date, with digital take-up slower than expected, accounting for just over a third of all radio listening. 

Friday 13 December 2013

DRM+ Radio Station On Air in Germany on Regular Basis

Digital radio on the FM band
The student radio “bit express” in Erlangen in cooperation with Fraunhofer IIS is from December 11 is broadcasting their new transmitter on 87.9 MHz using DRM+. This frequency was assigned for test transmissions by the Bavarian regulatory authority BLM. With the set-up of the final hardware, “bit express” will be on air with DRM+ on a regular basis. For the first time the new enhanced codec
xHE-AAC is put into operation.

Read more: www.bitexpress.de   

Saturday 7 December 2013

Confusion on DAB Standards Continues in France

The French Ministry of Culture and Communication will shortly authorize the transmission standard DAB+. The government envisages that this will co-exist alongside the standard already authorized, T-DMB (DMB-R). This reveals that the government still considers digital radio to be a matter for experimentation, in that its decision "will enrich the period of experimentation in offering two technical paths for digital radio with their particular costs and modes of operation". 

Friday 6 December 2013

German Youth Rejects Digital Radio

Youth radio listening; FM triumph, DAB flop
German youth are still listening to radio on a stationary radio or car radio and it is overwhelmingly via FM. According to the "JIM Report 2013" (Youth, Information, Multimedia) from Medienpädagogischen Research Association Südwest three quarters listen to an ordinary FM receiver and two thirds on a FM car radio. 
In spite of the broad offering of other means of listening as mobile phone, Internet, mp3-player and DAB+ youth are indifferent to those platforms. It is striking that the usage of DAB+ units has decreased from 3 to 2 percent in a year. (Satellifax)

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Labour Warning Against a Hasty Switch to DAB Radio

Hasty switch could hit poor, warns British MP
Shadow culture minister Helen Goodman has warned the government against a hasty switch to digital radio, saying the leap from analogue to digital would hit the poorest households hardest. She said the government was putting the interests of big business ahead of ordinary listeners, who she said should not be expected to pay for new digital sets at a time when household budgets were already stretched.