Tuesday 27 June 2017

Brazil Testing Long Distance Digital Radio

Reaching out with public service broadcasting to Amazonas
The last two months experimental DRM transmissions were resumed by Brazilian public broadcaster EBC from the Rodeador Park, where the Rádio Nacional transmission facility is located. Despite the low power (130 W) used the DRM30 HF signal being audible in quality in the Sao Paolo State at about 800 km away from the transmission site in Brasilia. The audio of the Amazon National Radio was received there in excellent digital quality.

The transmissions are being carried by Brazilian Digital Radio Association (ABRADIG) in partnership with EBC.  The intention of these low power transmissions is to raise awareness of the DRM digital radio system for the broadcasters and the new government towards its adoption as a national standard and to enable permanent high-power DRM transmissions from EBC. Earlier also DRM+ has been tested on the FM band in Brasilia.

Digitalization of radio has been on the agenda for a couple of years in Brazil. However, the  Radio tests have not been successful enough for the Brazilian government and instead the DRM system is being considered. DAB, which is not possible for use in the AM or FM band, is not the agenda in Brazil. 

ABRADIG - Digital Radio Mondiale - Brasil

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