Monday 11 February 2013

Slow uptake for DAB in Denmark and Norway

Denmark and Norway are on the official level the two most enthusiastic countries in the Western European DAB family. A survey by TNS Gallup now shows that thos picture of enthusiasm is not shared by the Norwegian households. 31 percent now listen to radio via digital platforms of different kinds as Internetradio via computer, pads and mobile phones, digital-tv (DVB-T2) and DAB.

However, the organisation presenting this survey – Digitalradio Norge – will not reveal how much of this digital listening is via the DAB system. According to the market organisation Elektronikkbransjen the sale of DAB receivers increased by 64 % from 2011 to 2012 but still 72 % of all radio receivers sold last year were FM receivers. This is in spite of plans that public service and major commercial broadcasters should leave FM by 2019. The DAB-network now reaches 80 % of the housholds in Norway.

In Demark it is planned that at least a half of the listening should be digital before public radio and other major companies should leave FM. This is planned for 2019 but last year only 14 % of the listening was digital. Most households are still on FM and it is now possible that the transition must be postponed.

There are no polticial decsions in Denmark and Norway to close the FM band. It will still be open for local and community broadcasters also after a transition by major broadcasters.