Thursday 28 February 2013

Digital Local Radio Wants More Government Funding

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia has launched a campaign Commit to Community Radio which they hope will motivate the government for $1.4 million (€1,1m) in additional funding for digital community radio over four years. Community radio in Australia is broadcasting on FM but with initial government funding of $11,1 million (€8,7m) 2008-2012 now also in the DAB+ structure in metropolitan areas. But to be able to continue with DAB more outside funding is needed.

The CBAA argues that community broadcasters are entitled to affordable access to digital radio, just as national and commercial broadcasters are. "Community radio plays an integral role in shaping a better and fairer Australia through its contribution to media diversity, local content and unique programs broadcast to more than a quarter of Australians every week,” said CBAA President Adrian Basso.