Thursday 6 May 2021

FM Radio Mandatory For Smartphones In Brazil

The major broadcasting platform will extend its national reach

Mobile phones marketed in Brazil from June 1 this year must come with FM radio reception activated. The ordinance came from the Communications Minister Fabio Faria. The media authority Anatel will be responsible for regulating the new measure.
The measure is a long-standing demand from the broadcasting industry and has always faced resistance from major mobile device manufacturers. According to Fabio Faria, the activation will bring almost no burden to companies because most mobile phones already have the chip capable of capturing and converting the FM radio signal.

According to the minister, FM on mobile phones may be of little relevance for owners of expensive handsets in cities, but it does make a difference for people living in the countryside and remote areas. 
Since 2015 there is been a plan in Brazil to extend the overcrowded  FM radio frequency space from 87,5 down to 72,5 MHz so called "extended FM".  Terrestrial digital radio is presently not on the agenda although Brazil has been testing DRM30 and DRM+.

Mexico has been the first country reported to introduce this rule. For some years the debate about this is hot also in the United States especially in times of catastrophic hurricanes and forest fires.

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