Tuesday 4 September 2018

FM Radio Still Rules in Germany

But online radio will expand on many devices
According to a report from die medienanstalten published this week FM continues to be the dominant listening platform in Germany. This year 92,2  percent of the households have at least one FM receiver compared with radio via cable/satellite 22,8%, DAB 17% and Internet 10,7%.  There are approximately 135 million FM receivers in active use in Germany. Cable/satellite is losing its position to DAB and online radio.

Internet has a rapid development with 37,7% of Germans listening online. Smartphone is the most important platform here with 20,7%. Listening in cars is 6,3% (smartphones, tablet or fixed installation as CarPlay). 

The smart speakers is the new online radio platform now used by 2,8% of the Germans.In the report there is also an interesting article about smart speakers.

die medieanstalten
14 state media authorities exist in Germany. On behalf of the states, they work together on central tasks and projects under the umbrella brand die medienanstalten. This ensures that private radio and television stations throughout Germany are regulated in a uniform way and that the media authorities in European media policy speak with one voice.

Read the report
Digitalisierungsbericht Audio 2018 (Die Medienanstalten)Von Radio zu Audio: von alter Infrastruktur zu neuen Möglichkeiten?

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