Monday 30 May 2016

Smartphone DAB+ Reviewed in Australia: Radio Disappoints

Digital terrestrial radio is not the reason to buy LG Stylus DAB+
The inclusion of digital radio is a generally positive feature, but it’s not without some significant limitations writes the Australian consumer site What’s more apparent from a week’s testing is that even in Sydney, digital radio reception on the move can vary widely. We used the Stylus DAB+ for our weekly commute in Sydney, and dealt with constant dropouts, including predictable ones like train tunnels. If you want the Stylus DAB+ for its musical chops, make sure you stay outdoors, preferably not moving much.

Your headphones act as the effective antenna for the radio, which means you can’t just use the Stylus DAB+ as a wider broadcast radio to a room without plugging in some form of wired speaker. 

The phone has a mediocre application performance: The LG Stylus DAB+ has a premium feature and that’s largely to do with its choice of processor. The tradeoff there is that the Stylus DAB+ is a fairly ordinary phone in performance terms. We wouldn’t expect it to outperform its bigger brother, the LG G5, but even against other mid-range fare the LG Stylus DAB+ is a poor performer.

The Stylus DAB+ sells itself on the inclusion of digital radio, but our tests with that feature left us wanting quite a bit more. Digital radio has existed in Australia for some years now and is yet to make its way out of metropolitan centres, but even in major cities reception issues make it a poor substitute for commuters who like music.  LG Stylus DAB+ sells outright for A$449.

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