Saturday 18 March 2023

Austria Opens UHF-Band For 5G Broadcasting

A step forward for radio and TV broadcasting on mobile networks 

The Finance Ministry has issued the revision of Austria’s Radio Frequency Regulation which will allow for 5G Broadcast transmissions in the lower UHF Band (470-694 MHz). This band will now be shared by both DVB-T2 and 5G Broadcast.   

The Austrian broadcast network provider ORS is significantly involved in the enhancement of the new 5G Broadcast transmission standard which enables linear broadcast content to be distributed directly to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets – without Wi-Fi or internet. The ORS is driving research and development forward in Austria to ensure that 5G Broadcast transmission behaves in a similarly efficient manner to DVB-T2. 

The first 5G broadcast-capable prototype smartphones, which are now ready for commercial use and complete the 5G broadcast ecosystem, was on display already at the Barcelona MWC fair last year.  

How does 5G Broadcast work?  (ORS Austria)

Today, several companies and organisations cooperates in order to develop and launch 5G Broadcast in Europe. Among them seven public service broadcasters, EBU, Ericsson and Nokia. The 5G Broadcast system will probably replace DAB as the future digital alternative for terrestrial radio. 5G Broadcast will be receivable in smartphones, DAB will not.  Smartphones are after FM globally the mostly used platform for radio listening 

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