Tuesday 21 May 2019

British Government Will Review Digital Radio

Will focus on growing challenges by online audio delivery
A new review of digital radio has been announced by Margot James, Minister for Digital and Creative Industries.James has confirmed the Government’s support for the radio sector and announced that the DCMS will collaborate with radio broadcasters and the supply chain on a review and programme of work to ‘ensure a healthy and vibrant digital future for UK radio’.                                   (Photo: Radio Today)

Speaking at the Radio Academy’s Radio Festival, Margot James reinforced the importance of digital radio and the progress made towards digital migration with over 52% of radio listening now being on a digital platform (i.e. DAB, Internet, DTT). The review will look at all aspects of radio, delivery and regulation.

“A consideration about the future of radio can no longer be seen as just a binary decision about a switch from an analogue to a digital broadcast platform. A review must have a much broader focus to reflect the growing challenges arising from IP based audio content delivery and how this affects future decisions on radio distribution”, she said. The review is expected to conclude by the middle of next year.

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