Thursday 7 March 2019

Government Decision in Spain: No DAB Radio

Lack of consumer interest and the rise of 5G might kill DAB
Spain wants to keep the analog FM radio and will not introduce terrestrial digital radio DAB+. The government decision to postpone discussions on the introduction of DAB in Spain has led to frustration among DAB advocates incl. the opposition party Coalició Compromís, which accuses the government to rather be 5G oriented in the national digitalization process. 

From 2002 to 2011, 23 transmitters covered the 52% of the population through three national multiplexes. Digital terrestrial radio is currently only available in metropolitan areas of Madrid and Barcelona. Here, two multiplexes can still be listened via the older system version of DAB introduced 1998. The total DAB listening in Spain has always been diminutive; 1% or less on a weekly basis. 

Neighbouring Portugal also put an end to trail DAB broadcasting 2011. Today, there are only four countries in Europe with a DAB/DAB+ listening on a weekly basis of 10% or more; the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland.

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