Wednesday 3 October 2018

Digital Radio to Complement Analogue in South Africa

Two digital standards are officially recommended
The government has invited for comments regarding introduction of terrestrial digital radio in South Africa. Two digital standards DRM and DAB are recommended; in order to be complement to analogue broadcasting. A future closure of FM in the republic is not envisaged.

The Department of Communications recommends the following digital sound broadcasting standards to complement the respective analogue sound broadcasting services:
- DRM30 to complement AM sound broadcasting service in the MF band 535.5-1606.5 kHz;
- DRM+ to complement FM sound broadcasting services in the VHF band II 87.5-108 MHz;
- DAB+ for sound broadcasting services in the VHF band III band 214-230 MHz.

Notice inviting comments on policy directive regarding the introduction of digital sound broadcasting in South Africa

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) introduced 1995 is a standard used by broadcasters in Europe and Australia, while DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) today have its strongest position outside Europe; specially in India and Russia. In Mexico and the U.S. the standard is HD Radio, China CDR and Japan ISTB-Tsb. There are also DVB-T2 Lite for VHF band III and global development of LTE Broadcast (4G. 5G) on mobile broadband.

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