Thursday 14 June 2018

FM Radio Will Be Retained in South Tyrol

Analogue and digital radio will co-exist also in the future
Consumer Center South Tyrol welcomes the statement of th regional government that FM broadcasting will continue to function. Earlier the broadcaster Rundfunkanstalt Südtirol (RAS) had taken the position that the old analogue FM network would eventually coming to a switch-off. Many radio listeners were worried that their FM radios would then be dead.

Landeshauptmann (the Governor) Dr. Arno Kompatscher has pointed out that the transition plan to digital radio DAB+  ensure universal coverage with FM radio in the future. This provides for the South Tyrolean radio listeners also in the future the choice between digital and analog radio. Currently, 8 out of 10 radio users listen to analog FM radio, while 1 in 4 users listen to digital radio. (

This is also good news for all drivers of foreign cars and trucks which is not equipped with DAB radio and transiting this automonous Italian region from and to Austria.

This is killing the false statement by the lobby organisation WorldDAB that South Tyrol will switch-off all FM already 2017.  Still, Norway is the only country in the world to switch-off its national FM network.

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