Tuesday 5 December 2017

Digital Radio Is Not For The Kids

Children’s radio follows exodus of Dutch DAB+ channels this year
The Dutch radio station Efteling Kids Radio has abruptly stopped its broadcasts on DAB+.The radio station remains available via the analogue and digital cable. In addition, the radio station is on-line.
 With the disappearance of Efteling Kids Radio, another station disappears from the DAB+ offer. Earlier this year, Retro Hits, Arrow Classic Rock and Classic FM have disappeared from the digital ether.

This is the radio station of the Efteling theme park in Kaatsheuvel which started broadcasting under the name Efteling Radio in 2008 and continued in March 2015 under the name Efteling Kids Radio. Until mid-2016, the radio station could also be received nationwide DAB+  Then, the radio channel decided to transfer its broadcasts to MTVNL's DAB-network. As a result, the radio station had "the certainty that it would be heard in 2024" in the digital ether, but it did lose part of its DAB+ coverage. 

We have now opted to focus all our attention on our own channels. Since the last month we can also be received via cable operator KPN and with that we have covered almost the whole of the Netherlands by cable. Furthermore, we will mainly focus on our Efteling Kids Radio app and the website, according to a spokesman. (MediaMagazine.nl).

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