Friday 3 November 2017

Soon Everybody Owns a Smartphone - But FM Radio Will Stay On

The global system change might kill terrestrial digital broadcasting
In 2025 it is predicted that all young people and adults in the world will own a smartphone, which will replace other devices as stand-alone radio- and tv-receivers. As the number of internet-connected devices continues to grow exponentially, smartphone ownership now is virtually universal. On-line digital radio and FM will become the future listening platforms. The billion sets markets will rule, not the million sets markets.

While 94% of internet users own a smartphone, they also an average of three internet-connected devices, according to the annual global survey of 350,000 internet users aged 16 to 64 conducted by GlobalWebIndex (GWI). 

The number of connected devices owned is very similar, no matter the age group. The number of PCs and laptops declined 13% in the last year, but three quarters (76%) of consumers still have one.

Here’s ownership of devices by percentages:
    •    94% -- Smartphone
    •    76% -- PC, laptop
    •    39% -- Tablet
    •    34% -- Smart TV
    •    22% -- Games console
    •    14% -- Feature phone
    •    12% -- E-reader
    •    12% -- TV streaming stick, device

As might be expected, the majority (60%) of consumers say their smartphone is their most important internet device. By mobile brand, Samsung is number one with Apple five percentage points behind.

No matter the device, everyone is becoming Internet-connected and smart devices ultimately will be everywhere, according to Chuck Martin at Connected Thinking.

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In 2018 there will be 2,5 billion smartphones in the world. Besides being used on-line for radio and television audience most smartphones (except iPhones) are also receivable or adaptable for FM-radio.  Otherwise the number of AM/FM stand-alone and in-car receivers for over-the-air (OTA) radio broadcasting is estimated 6 billion. 

Digital OTA radio systems are of marginal importance by comparision. There are only 60 million DAB/DAB+ receivers sold since 1995. Almost half of this volume is in the UK. The number of HD Radio sets, mostly in cars, is 40 million most on the U.S. market. DRM is still waiting for its market launch. It will might start with India - a potential billion market outpacing DAB and HD Radio. Still there are no market demand for smartphones receivable for digital OTA radio. A DAB model launched by LG in Norway became a flop.

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