Monday 31 July 2017

Kids are still listening to the radio.

But radio’s future is multiplatform. Smartphones and tablets on top.
The latest British study published by RAJAR in addition to the quarterly radio figures, is the Junior Audio Measurement Joint Audience Research(JAMJAR).  74% of British kids 9-14 yrs listen to radio every week. But 60% listen to the “radio through radio” (AM and FM), as the research quaintly puts it, for a average of 10.7 hours a week.

20% listen to radio on their laptop or PC; and about 25% listen to radio through the TV. Those that use these platforms listen for the same amount of time as the radio - just over ten hours a week. Near 30% listen to radio through their smartphone or tablet: and those that do are listening longer, almost 13 hours a week.

Tomorrow’s adult listeners still tuning in to radio, but into radio on more platforms than anyone else.

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