Saturday 25 February 2017

Pakistan Follows India for Digital Radio Platform

Soon converting transmission to DRM
Radio Pakistan has started work on converting its transmission to state-of- the art DRM technology to  make its broadcasts clearer and cost-effective. Director General, Radio Pakistan Khurshid Malik visited the project at Broadcasting House in Islamabad where he was briefed about progress on introducing DRM technology. He was informed that this technology enhances quality of broadcasts to perfection.

The present AM and FM transmitters of Radio Pakistan can be made compatible to this technology with little amendment.

Under this technology, three channels can be aired from a single transmitter, which will prove cost-effective. This technology enables listeners to get access to text services as well. Khurshid Malik emphasized the need of improving contents of programmes besides introducing modern technology to cater the need of all segments of society.

Pakistan and India have now chosen the DRM system for their digital radio platforms. The advantage over DAB is that the present analogue infrastructure with mediumwave and FM transmitters as well as frequency band can be easily converted into digital DRM30 and DRM+ respectively.  For DAB a complete new transmitter and frequency structure must be established.  A DAB transmitter coverage is also much limited in comparison to an FM transmitter.

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