Thursday 14 July 2016

Norwegians Reject Transition from FM to DAB

"Peoples' Revolt Against DAB"
Overwhelming majority is strongly opposed to a closure of the FM network and a transition to DAB. 
The politicians are not in tune with the electorate 
The public radio channels and the commercial channels in major cities will close their FM broadcasts next year. A survey by Ipsos for the daily Dagbladet reveals that an overwhelming majority are strongly opposed to a closure of the FM network and transition to DAB radio. The question: It is decided that the FM network will be switched-off 1 January 2017. After that time must have DAB radio to listen to the radio. Should the FM network be switched-off and radio signals moved from FM to DAB, or are you against it?  The results of the survey show that 65 percent opposed a transition, 16 percent positive and 19 percent undecided.

Since the decision was made in parliament by a clear political majority, the debate has raged. That the survey shows that Norwegians do not wholeheartedly embrace DAB technology, comes as no surprise. Despite massive campaigns of the national actors, neither technical or substantive arguments failed to convince the broad layers of the radio listeners that DAB is something they need, says Paul Lomeland, CEO of the Norwegian Local Radio Association.

Lomeland emphasizes that the association is not against digitization, but the radio stations should themselves be allowed to decide transmission platform. He believes people are hesitant to replace fully usable radios with a technology that both imposed by politicians and which also affects your pocketbook when radio park must be replaced.

The costs passed on the consumer is too high compared to the value generated by the investment. Throwing millions of usable radios are also an environmental challenge, many are concerned about the environment - and with increasing focus on restructuring to a green future, this is a step in the wrong direction, he says to Dagbladet and adds: Regularly we receives requests from radio listeners who are desperate and who want to keep FM. 

Scepticism to DAB and a closure of the FM network has been widespread. Mari Hagerup, at the DAB promoting company Digitalradio Norway AS, understands that many want to keep the FM network, but stresses that it is necessary to replace it.  The FM network is old and with space limitation. DAB and FM can not live side by side in the foreseeable future. I think it's natural that people want to keep the old system, because it is known and loved. But people must not forget that radio DAB system is very good and gives a far greater channel offerings across the country, says Hagerup to Dagbladet.

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