Wednesday 16 September 2015

Dutch Broadcast Provider on DAB: “It’s Still Too Early”

Consumer demand for DAB+ lacking
Netherlands’ Broadcast Partners is a major provider of transmission facilities in that country is hesitant about DAB developments.  We think that DAB+ maybe has a chance in the future but we do not know for sure, said the Director of Broadcast Partners, Robert Jan van der Hoeven. The picture in Europe is very variable.  From the DAB lobbies, there is a very optimistic image. They could be right. The consumer has, so far, not discovered the benefits DAB+ so you are having a replacement market.

It’s all about the automobile. With the average automobile in the Netherlands held for 14 years, it’s difficult, he said. Currently, 10% of new cars in the Netherlands are equipped with a DAB receiver.  I do not dare say that DAB+ is the successor to FM. It’s still too early.”He’s also not convinced mobile platforms threaten DAB. As long as data capacity is scarce I don’t expect radio via mobile internet will be a success, he says according to

Last week Dutch Economy Minister Henk Kamp proposed extending commercial radio FM licenses for five years, if broadcasters invest more in the DAB+ platform. However, presently DAB listening in the Netherlands are below 5 % on weekly basis. Still the national DAB+ transmission coverage is complete.