Sunday 18 January 2015

Will Denmark Ever Go From DAB to DAB+ ?

Political Decision on Danish DAB+ Postponed Again
For the third time in a row the media political MPs in Danish Parliament has decided to postpone a decision on a transition from DAB to DAB+ This after a consultation with a skeptical or negative radio industry opinion with a retainment of FM on its agenda. Next meeting with Folketinget (the parliament) culture committee on this matter will be January 30.
The politicians will probably decide on a market research this summer in order to find out what the listeners want. Also special attention should be on an in-car DAB radio solution.

According to MediaWatch it is probably the signals from the public service Danmarks Radio (DR) to reconsider further development with DAB+ which have shaken the politicians. DR suggest that the DAB network should not be developed until in the end of 2018 when it is possible to consider if the FM network clould be switch off.

Late last fall the politicians received negative response on further DAB development and an FM switch-off from SBS Discovery, public service Radio24syv and DR, copyright organisations Gramex and KODA. Also Teracom Denmark defended a retainment of FM radio. But shortly after this the Teracom head office in Stockholm announced that its Danish MD had to leave his job.

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