Saturday 20 December 2014

Public Service Now Also Doubt DAB+ in Denmark

Politicians must reconsider digital transition
In a hearing at the Parliament the major private radio broadcasters together with the music copyright organizations has questioned DAB as the sole future digital platform in Denmark. They point to the fact that DAB has a limited use in Europe and presents no clear advantages for the listeners. Radio listening is shifting from FM and DAB to online listening on tablets, smartphones and computers.
Now also the two public service companies Danmarks Radio (DR) and Radio24syv have joined those voices. DR says there is a need for deeper analyzis of future media consumption and several decisions should be postponed. DAB+ will demand substantial investments the day the FM network will be closed.
Radio24syd does not believe that DAB is the future distribution platform for radio. After so many years we believe that DAB is a dead end says Jørgen Ramskov CEO. He believes that in the future few will listen on radio on traditional receivers. No mobil phones have DAB. A continued combination of FM and Internet would be a much more interesting model from a socio-economic point of view.

Denmark is one of four European countries with a significant involvement in DAB both on the broadcasting side and the receiving side. The other countries are Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Radio24syv (24/7) is a nationwide privately owned public service radio company financed by license fees besides Danmarks Radio.

The culture committee in the Parliament is set for another hearing on this issue next month.

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