Thursday 4 September 2014

Swedish Broadcast Provider Makes Major Investment in FM Radio

Upgrade of the national FM network indicates less belief in the future for DAB+
The state-owned radio- and television broadcast provider Teracom has signed a contract with GatesAir in Cincinnati USA for a network-wide FM upgrade.Teracom selected GatesAir Flexiva transmitters, and the initial rollout phase will conclude in the first quarter of 2015, with installations scheduled for one dozen of its 30-plus FM stations. The remaining installations will conclude in 2016. - This investment indicates that Teracom is counting on that the FM network is not going to be closed for a for-seeable future.

GatesAir is streamlining the delivery and installation process through integrated and pre-tested transmitter systems, simplifying transport across Sweden and accelerating the pace at which Teracom engineers can install and deploy the transmitters.

The proven innovation of Flexiva transmitters will introduce increased efficiency and reliability in the Teracom FM network for many years to come, says Per G Borgå, product manager radio, Teracom. We expect the operational benefits of deploying GatesAir across our FM network will deliver high-quality radio broadcasts to listeners nationwide, thereby strengthening our customers in their operative goals. 

The public service company Sveriges Radio is the major radio broadcast customer for Teracom. Next year the parliament will decide on a proposition to close the FM network 2022 to be replaced in full by a new DAB-network. But a modern FM transmitter will have a lifetime span of at least 20 years. The proposal to close the FM network have met a strong opinion in Sweden.

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