Thursday 21 August 2014

DAB Radio in Norway: The Lobby Gets Its Own Local Radio Association

Big Radio Business Leaves The National Local Radio Association
A new association for local radio in Norway is set up in opposition to the long established Norwegian Local Radio Association (NLR).
The NLR chairman says that the new organisation is set up in order to split the radio sector and is de facto an organisation for promoting the DAB radio system. The suspicion is that the two major commercial radio networks is behind the new organisation.

The new organisation is set up by Hans Christian Andersen och Øyvind Bischoff Mangerud, who today work together at the DAB channel PopRadio. They argue that NLR first and foremost want to retain the FM network. NLR is said to not be representative of the radio sector. Andersen is known as a public service radio presenter and is an importer of DAB receivers.

NLR rejects that it is opposing DAB. Rather the NLR general assembly this spring strongly expressed that local radio should be able to broadcast both DAB and FM. And that local radio themselves should decide on this rather than a media authority. 

NLR chair Svein Larsen believes that the major commercial radio networks SBS and MTG are behind the establishment of this new local radio association. Before SBS and MTG have been trying to get in control of NLR but now both companies have left NLR which organizes 123 local radio stations in Norway - both commercial and non-commercial community radio.

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