Saturday 8 February 2014

Most British Radio Listening Still Analogue

Young people are listening on smartphones. DAB is left behind.
Weekly listening figures for the fourth quarter of 2013 has now been presented by Rajar. Still listening on analogue platforms (AM and FM) dominates in spite of DAB being established in the UK already 1995. AM/FM has a weekly listening of 58,5 percent (down 4,1 percent points from 2012). DAB 23,4 (+2,3), digital terrestrial tv platforms 5,2 (+0,1) and online 5,8 (+0,9).  The 2013 uptake increase of DAB is less than anticipated the year before; DAB +9,8 and Internet +15,6 %. This signals a DAB stagnation.

 -  (8,2 percent is unspecified as some responding to survey does not remember which platform the have listened to). 

The number of persons who say they have listened to radio on a mobile phone is 24,9 % (an increase from 2012 with 5,7 percent points). For younger persons (15-24 yrs) this increase is sharp with 7,8 pp to 45,4 percent.This probably contribute to the 2013 stagnation of the DAB platform as DAB is not being available in any mobile/smartphone model in the UK or elsewhere.

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