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FM Retained. BBC:s Bob Shennan's speech (at Radiodays Europe conference 2018)
DAB radio was the future … until live streaming and podcasts arrived (The Conversation)
VAUNET warnt vor falschen Weichenstellungen für DAB+ im Telekommunikationsgesetz:  Sendervielfalt und Radioreichweiten gefährdet

Hände weg von UKW! (Klaus Schunk, VPRT in 2018) 
Norwegen – Armageddon fürs Radio (Radioszene 2018)
Tuning out: digital radio fails to make waves (The Irish Times 2018)
Wolves at the Door: Can DAB+ survive? (Brad Smart, Australia 2017) 
The Facts Behind the DAB Radio Failure in Sweden (Public Service Council 2016)
Wir müssen über das digitale Radio reden (FAZ 2016)
Die Digitalisierung hat das Digitalradio gefressen (Die Zeit 2016)
Digital Radio Report (Department of Communications, Australia July 2015)
The Illusions of the DAB Radio World (Public Service Council 2016)
"Das wäre für die Vermarktung tödlich“ RMS-Chef Ruckert warnt vor Abschaltung des UKW-Netzes (Meedia 2016)
Community Radio: FM and Digitalization (CMFE Green paper 2014)
Rethinking Your Digital Strategy (Radio World International March 2014)
No FM Switch-off in the Nordic Countries (Radio World International)

DAB facts 2019 - Crucial problems and disadvantages with the digital system DAB  for terrestrial sound broadcasting (Nordic Radio Workgroup/PSC May 2019)
FM Radio in Smartphones: Improving Wireless Emergency Alerts and Community-Initiated Alerting. (Joint comments to FCC by the National Association of Broadcasters and National Public Radio. 2016)  
Trends in Broadcasting: An Overview of Developments (ITU Report 2013)
The future of radio broadcasting in Europe - Identified needs, opportunities and possible ways forward (Working Group RSPG10-349) p.10-11

Perceived Audio Quality of Realistic FM and DAB+ Radio Broadcasting Systems
(Research paper from Luleå Technical University 2013)
DRM Consortium Response to “Small Scale DAB” Experiment by Rashid Mustapha 2013
The 80's called, they want their DAB technology back (

Thailand: DVB-T2 Lite vs. DAB+ for Digital Radio
DVB-T2 Lite for Digital Radio (by Kenneth Wenzel. Copenhagen)

DRM+ trial in Brazil (DRM Brasil)
Case studies on the implementation of DRM+ in band II (Stockholm, Edinburgh and Frankfurt) EBU Report 2013
United Kingdom Debate 2010-2015

DAB Radio Switchover: Dead As The Dodo (Article by Grant Goddard Dec. 2013)
DAB questioned by expert: Open letter to BBC chairman Lord Patten 2012
OPINION: What Brighton DAB test tells us by Daniel Nathan (Radio Today 2013)
Plans for digital radio switchover are against the interest of consumers by Steven Green
24 reasons why DAB might not make it  (The Guardian 2010)

Good luck getting us to dump our radios now (The Telegraph 2012) 

Great digital stand-off: Two thirds of radiolistening still analogue (Daily Mail 2012)
BBC expected to underwrite DAB rollout (The Guardian 2011)
BBC to fund rollout of DAB radio to 97% of population (The Guardian 2011)
Book: DAB Digital Radio - Licensed to Fail (by Grant Goddard)
Watch the BBC DAB Promotion Video (1994):