Sunday 12 October 2014

National Audit Review Might End DAB+ Venture in Sweden

A stop for basic public funding will force digital radio to be market dependent
The National Audit Office Riksrevisionen is focusing on if the taxpayers will get their money's worth if DAB+ replaces FM radio in 2022 and whether it will be efficient to construct a new radio infrastructure. According to a preliminary study, which started in April of this year, there have been indications that different alternatives were not sufficiently considered, nor were the consequences for the society and citizens.

Riksrevisionen says it will investigate if the government is contributing to a transition to digital radio in an efficient manner for the national economy and is meeting citizens’ needs. 

The review will also provide documentation for the politicians regarding consequences of and alternatives to switching off the FM network and the proposed DAB+ network replacement.  A report will be published in March 2015, prior to a parliament decision on the fate of digital radio in Sweden.