Thursday 9 October 2014

FM Expansion On Its Way in Sweden

Will put a DAB+ introduction in doubt 
Broadcast provider Teracom has found 68 new vacant frequencies in the FM band which can open for 17 new commercial radio concessions. The telecom authority PTS is now looking into the issue and will present its analysis probably next month.
The promoters of a DAB introduction in Sweden has claimed that digital radio is necessary because 'the FM band is full' and 'we need DAB+ to make space for more radio stations'.

Meanwhile the complete picture shows there is a lot of space for local radio in Sweden.
There are also approximately 150 vacant FM frequencies assigned for community radio. Most of these frequencies have never been in use and are in most cases not expected to come into use by community radio. At the moment there are also four vacant FM frequencies for commercial radio in Stockholm, Göteborg and Åre/Östersund.

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