Wednesday 29 October 2014

British Effort to Get Local Radio on DAB

Consultation to get smaller radio stations on DAB
Media authority Ofcom has published a consultation seeking views on the approachto issuing new short-term licences to support small-scale digital radio trials being run by Ofcom next year. If successful, this new technology could allow smaller radio stations to go digital at a lower costs.

This technology was first trialled in the UK by an Ofcom engineer in Brighton ending
January 2013.This experimental DAB multiplex showed it could be feasible to deliver infrastructure capable of supporting digital radio transmission at a lower cost than the current systems used.  

Read more on Ofcom’s website.

The DAB system was introduced 1995 in the U.K. and today about one out of four households listen to DAB radio on a weekly basis. Still six out of ten listen to AM and FM radio. Still there are not any community radio on DAB.  The latest version of the system DAB+ has not yet been introduced in the U.K.

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