Saturday 24 September 2016

Flop For DAB Radio in Poland

Radio listeners and private broadcasters are not interested
So far only 1500 radios with DAB + have been sold in Poland (with a population of 40 million). This is seen as a major failure as there have been invested four million zloty annually in broadcasting since 2010 according to the magazine Barbara Stanisławczyk head of Polskie Radio - the public broadcaster, believes for the future of radio it is evident that Poland should continue with analog FM and also the Internet.

One may ask what is the point is to further investment in DAB+. The automotive industry has also criticized the introduction of DAB + because in Poland there are almost no vehicles with DAB + receiver. However, one should note that the DAB network in Poland is full of täckningshål and only Polskie Radio broadcasts. Popular commercial broadcasters as RMF FM in Poland is as in other European countries against a transition to DAB +. The commercial radio sector has a listening market share of 60 percent.

Polskie Radio is hosting an international conference on the digitization of radio October 6, 2016 in Krakow.

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