Friday 27 May 2016

Regional Public Radio in Holland Might Quit DAB+ Next Year

Broadcasters need public funding for both FM and DAB - and more bandwidth
Regional public broadcasters will end their digital DAB+ radio broadcasting next year if the government no longer contribute to the costs after September 2017. Broadcasters pay for broadcasting via analogue FM and digital DAB +, but still get compensation for these double costs. - The regional public broadcasters have next year to process a cut of 17 million euros. Both DAB+ and FM without government funding is unsustainable, says ROOS the national federation for regional radio and tv broadcasters.

According to ROOS eliminating the regional DAB + broadcasts would be a heavy setback for the digitization policy. DAB+ is planned to replaced FM broadcasting next year (though the consumer inclination to replace radio receivers is not promising). ROOS is also disturbed being assigned a meager DAB+ bandwidth for regional public broadcasters. National public and commercial broadcasters have a digital stream of at least 128 kilobits per second; regional public broadcasters have to manage with 64 kbps resulting in a lower sound quality.

ROOS wants Economic Affairs Minister Kamp to guarantee a continued compensation after September 2017 in order for broadcasters to stay onboard DAB +. For the time being such a promise is not in sight. (

The regional radio and tv in the Netherlands is largely financed by public funds via the Media Commission and additional advertising revenue. 

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