Thursday 26 May 2016

Norwegian Fishing Sector: Postpone FM Switch-off

Growing public opinion against the DAB radio plan
The Norwegian fishing association, Norges Fiskarlag, has asked the Ministry of Culture to review or postpone the FM radio band switch-off, which is due to start in 2017. It said it has learned that no maritime coverage measures have been taken for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio, and some fishers have reported poor DAB reception. The association's director, Kjell Ingebrigtsen, said the plan is almost comical, given Norway's large fisheries sector and other maritime industries.  (

Earlier the Norwegian car importers association has complained about this early FM switch-off. Now there is a growing public opinion in Norway against the plant to switch-off FM.  This includes articles and editorials in leading newspapers and a storm of critics on social media with Facebook groups. Also national and local politicians from various political parties have questioned the Ministry of Culture DAB plan.

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