Friday 8 April 2016

Compact FM Transmitter Launched

Improved FM broadcasting for robust requirements
Bext’s new XL 6000 is the latest compact FM solid-state transmitter from the company’s XL Series line of broadcast equipment to be presented at the NAB show in Las Vegas April 16-21 2016. In a height of four rack-spaces it packs 6 kW of power and many features for today’s broadcasters. The company says that reliability even in challenging environments is ensured by use of the latest generation or nearly indestructible rugged chips. 

The XL Series offers energy efficiency, with minimal heat generated by the unit. The onboard exciter is frequency agile and locally or remotely controllable.

The transmitter’s menu can be navigated through the touchscreen on the front panel or remotely through a LAN/web IP connection or USB. In addition to standard analog audio inputs and AES-EBU digital audio inputs, streaming audio can also be fed to the unit. The firmware can switch to a secondary, alternate audio source if the primary incoming audio feed fails. 

The user manual is stored in digital format inside the transmitter, and can be accessed using a laptop connected to the transmitter through a USB port on the front panel. This function is always active even when the transmitter is not operating and/or completely disconnected from the power line. Options include digital direct-to-channel FM carrier generation, built-in stereo generator and RDS generator.