Saturday 21 June 2014

India Will Have 1.000 New Community Radio Stations

Government aims to license up 1.000 stations on FM in near future
Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar on 19 June promised a stable policy regime with transparency and time-bound mechanism. Efforts would be streamlined so as to make the process of clearances speedy and transparent. He said that there is a need for expanding the reach of Community Radio and that the ministry aims at opening up of 1000 Community Radio Stations in near future. 

Till date, India has only 170 functional stations out of 370 applications for the licensing of Community Radio stations. The fast increase of mobile and smartphones with built-in FM-receivers in India has put more demand for local and community radio stations.

Javadekar said the policies of this Government would be people-centric and would aim at meeting the aspirations of the common citizens. He added that providing information, entertainment and knowledge to the citizens would be the priority of the Ministry. 

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