Friday 3 May 2013

First Digital Broadcast on FM in Norway

Tuning in the DRM+ signal in
Norway (click to zoom in)
Radio Metro: The benefits are superior
Preparations are now on its way for the first test broadcasts with the digital technology DRM+ on a FM frequency in Norway. With some state funding the commercial local station Radio Metro in Trondheim will broadcast on 94,0 MHz.
The Norwegian telecom authority has shown great interest for the project. 

The benefits of DRM+ are superior. You are using existing infrastructure and thus getting digital radio ”free of charge”, DRM+ uses so little capacity that you can feed the transmission site via ICE (Net1), 3G or ADSL. So it is triple take-up, says Eivind Engberg Technical Manager of Radio Metro. With DRM+ you will not need extra state funding. DAB+ will be for ever depending on state funding, he says. In Trondheim Radio Metro will test with 3-4 channels on the frequency.
DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) is the only digital broadcast technology which can be used on all established frequency bands (shortwave, mediumwave, longwave, FM and DAB). DRM+ for Band I, II and III is a more modern and cost effective technology than DAB+ (Band III only).

DRM+ is widely regarded the natural digital choice for local broadcasting (commercial or community radio). Meanwhile, the DAB+ built up in Norway pushed by the public broadcaster NRK, has not met any interest from local broadcasters when local multiplexes were open for tenders. Most were signed up by the DAB lobby organisation Digital Norway.

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