Friday 17 May 2013

Feeble Development for DAB in the UK

Mobile phone listening on sharp increase - leaving DAB behind
According to latest Rajar report for the first quarter of 2013 digital radio listening is 34,3 % up from 29,2 % Q1 2012.  Digital listening is mostly DAB but also via digital television and via Internet. Of total radio listening DAB is 22,5 % which is a surprisingly low level considering that DAB was introduced in the UK 18 years ago.

Still two thirds of the audience is listening via analogue platforms foremost FM radio.
An important trend is that 20 % of audience have accessed radio via mobile/smart phones. 
This is via FM (analogue) and/or Internet (digital). There is still no DAB in mobile phones due to the high energy consumption.
As much as 37,4 % in the age group 15-24 has listened to radio via mobile/smart phones.

See the graphic presentation of the Rajar report