Wednesday 4 December 2019

Austria Now Testing 5G Broadcast Radio & Television

DAB skeptical public broadcaster will air three radio channels in Vienna
The terrestrial digital radio of the future now comes via the Internet, not DAB. Austrian transmitter network operator ORS is planning tests with TV and radio channels in 5G Broadcast mode in Vienna. The media agency KommAustria has approved a project to be implemented at the two major broadcast sites in Vienna (Kahlenberg and Liesing). The authority will assign a channel in the 700MHz band December 2019-June 2020.

As with conventional terrestrial radio and television (FM/ DAB/DVB-T), 5G Broadcast enables the distribution of a "one to many" signal in free-to-air mode for an unlimited number of 5G receiving devices, including smartphones, tablets and TV sets - without affecting or interfering subscription data capacity, SIM card, authentication or agreement. The only requirement is that the device has a chip that supports 5G Broadcast mode in addition to 5G.

Initially, public broadcast channels ORF1 and ORF2 will be distributed as well as radio channels Ö1, Ö3 and FM4, which are also operated by ORF. The public broadcaster has for many years been skeptical to DAB radio and instead supports development of digital radio on the Internet. Other broadcasters may also participate in the tests in Vienna.

Previously, similar radio and television tests with 5G Broadcast have been performed or performed in Scotland and Bavaria as well as in Italy, France, China and Brazil. In all projects, the 700 MHz frequency band is used, which was previously used by terrestrial digital TV (DVB-T) which now has been moved to lower frequency bands.

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