Saturday 30 December 2017

Insufficient Indoor Reception Will Put DAB+ In Jeopardy

Digital radio test in two Dutch cities stopped
The DAB+ experiment in Rijswijk and Zoetermeer was stopped yesterday. In July 2017, Feel Good Radio decided to take part in the national experiment to find the best way for local channels to use DAB. Indoor reception of the channel was not sufficient in many cases.

In December, another transmitter was started in Zoetermeer. This increased the range and DAB+ was seen having a positive effect for a regional broadcasters. Positive about a DAB+ transmission is the possibility to broadcast several channels simultaneously on a multiplex.
But again the indoor reception did not match up.  

The regular broadcasts on FM 105.9 MHz and on-line are retained. - 
The Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate will be conducting an evaluation of the experiments next year. (

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