Monday 18 November 2013

"Neutral" EBU Will Support DAB Lobbying

EBU promise to support a push for an FM switch-off 
At the WorldDMB general assembly conference in Amsterdam Nov 6th there were seminar topics on a digital radio transition. In focus was the plans of receiver manufacturers and the call for speeding up the digital switch-over, as reported by CMFE

Representatives for Sony and Pure said there are no plans whatsoever to terminate inclusion of the FM function in future digital radios. Neither have they any plans to implement DRM+. Many DAB proponents are pushing for acceleration of the switch-over by lobbying for policies that set early dates for a switch-off of analogue radio.
The UK government is expected to come forward with a switch-off date December 16th.
Delegates were asked what their 'wish date' for FM switch off was and their responses varied between 2019 and 2023. Christian Vogg, head of Radio EBU, was asked by many in the room if the EBU is capable and willing to help accelerate FM switch-off. His repeated response was that EBU itself is neutral in this discussion, but that it would suppport the EBU-members if they would lobby with their national and European parliaments. 

The GA elected as President Patrick Hannon, MD of he British electronics manufacturer Frontier Silicon, to replace Jorn Jensen, NRK Norway. 

WorldDMB, the organization promoting the DAB system, has its main office at the EBU headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and a technical offce in London.

EBU = European Broadcasting Union is the organisation for the the European public service broadcasters. EBU is not formally connected to any government or  EU institution.