Tuesday 25 June 2013

Digital Radio in the FM Band

DRM+ tests in France and Norway presented
At the DRM Consortium webinar (seminary on the net) DRM: The Flexible Way from FM to Digital the recent tests of DRM+ in France (Brittany and the Riviera) and Norway (Trondheim) on FM frequencies were presented in detail.  

It was also stated about DRM in general that it is
• Only global open standard recognised worldwide
• Applies equally for AM and FM - in HF and VHF high quality audio
• Can cover large geographic areas as well as rural and local markets
• Up to 4 programmes on one frequency
• Option for stereo and even 5.1 Surround sound 
• Offers more than audio: Data and Multimedia (images, text)
• Emergency & Disaster Warning Alerts

Considerations for DRM+ especially
- Simulcast during transition period
- Fits with existing frequency assignment
- No change in frequency licensing required
- Complete planning parameters @ ITU

In the panel experts from France, Norway, Germany and the US were participating. Moderator was Ruxandra Obreja (BBC) chairman of the DRM Consortium.